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IQOption Binary Details Account authentication Guide

Hello! Currently Monitorbet receives many feedback from investors that why to verify the payment and how the specific payment verification will be settled and how, so today I would like a detailed guide for you

To register an account at IQ Option, you need to provide a few relevant information and then verify your identity through the information given, which is called verification.

A lot of customers fret about why verification is needed when registering an account at IQ Option, we would like to answer that, which is the regulation and the work of utmost necessity.

1. The account verification is nothing scary as many people still think. This is an extremely important step in the account activation process, providing personal information and allowing you to withdraw funds from your account balance.

2. IQ Option only needs some personal information to reconfirm the information that the client has entered in the Personal Profilesection. When IQ option develops, cases of fraud, money laundering and those who are not yet 18 years of age will appear, therefore, the verification of Identity to prevent the above is essential and IQ Option needs a positive cooperation from the client.

3. in all Cases, IQ Option does not disclose any customer information unless the customer's written consent is received. All personal information is transferred solely to the trader with the customer.

4. IQ Option only has 2 Email addresses for customers to send account credentials; It is not advisable to send your information to the customer support Email address, via chat and the social accounts of IQ option, so IQ option can ensure that information security is 100%.

5. You only need to send the Information to IQ option once, then IQ option will securely store this information on the server.

6. IQ Option accepts information relating to the verification of account such as passport, people's identification, driver's certificate.

7. Authentication address (with European citizenship): Bank statement, Bill of service payment.

Note: IQ Option releases acceptance of a clear and high-resolution scan image. The file has tail formats: JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF.

Important: If the customer uses a bank card for money transfer, IQ Option needs the front and back of the card and has the cardholder's signature.

If you are not a citizen of countries in the European union, and use e-wallet to transfer Money, IQ Option needs to prove your people's mail or passport.

If you have a clear understanding of why IQ option needs to verify your information and does not have an ACCOUNT at IQ option, you can open an account at IQ option right now to get the $1000 into your Demo account




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